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26 March 2017

4 Steps To Get Started Studying Abroad #HogsAbroad

Are you considering study abroad but don’t know where to start? Below are some helpful steps to move outside the classroom walls and into the world through study abroad.

1. Attend a HogsAbroad 101 session

Get all the study abroad basics through these peer-led information sessions, held Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the fall and spring from 4pm-5pm in the Center for World Languages (JBHT 207).

2. Meet with your academic advisor

Your academic advisor can help you look at your overall degree plan and see when it would make the most sense to study abroad and what degree requirements might be best met while abroad.

3. Meet with the study abroad office

Our office staff can help you narrow down your program options, provide an application process overview, show you how to navigate the website and answer your study abroad questions.

4. Have more questions?

Check out our FAQs for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about study abroad.

23 March 2017

Springtime in Copenhagen #TBT #HogsAbroad in Denmark

The weather is so nice now that I thought I would make a short video about how great it is to not have to deal with daily doom-and-gloom skies.
Read more from Jake at
To find out more about the DIS Copenhagen, Denmark program, visit

22 March 2017

So, What are the Benefits of Study Abroad? #HogsAbroad

While available statistics on study abroad might still be limited, there are some notable studies on study abroad and careers, learning, academic performance, retention, and personality development. Here are some of the more remarkable findings:

Study Abroad and Graduation and Academic Performance


greater improvement in GPA post-study abroad. Student GPAs tend to rise as they approach the completion of their undergraduate degree. Students who studied abroad saw their GPAs rise twice as quickly as a result of going abroad compared to students who stayed in town, according to a Georgia study.*


more likely to graduate: that describes how much more likely study abroad participants are to graduate in six years than non-participants. Even in four years, study abroad participants are 15% more likely to graduate based on a University of California at San Diego study. University of Texas at Austin and Georgia data show a similar trend.*

Study Abroad and Personality


A University of Maryland study on IES Abroad study abroad alumni found that students attributed increased maturity to study abroad.*


of study abroad alumni claimed an increase in self-confidence as a result of study abroad.*


of study abroad alumni reported that study abroad facilitated a greater tolerance for ambiguity.*


A German study compared personality development and found that students who studied abroad showed improvements in five core traits compared to their peers who did not study abroad: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and emotional stability.*

Study Abroad and Careers, Salaries, and Job Skills


of study abroad students found employment within 12 months of graduation, when only 49% of college graduates found employment in the same period. That means they were twice as likely to find a job. Among study abroad alumni, 90% landed a job within 6 months. A UK study supports U.S. findings that study abroad returnees are more likely to find employment within six months.*


higher starting salaries: that's how much more study abroad students earn than those college graduates who do not study abroad. A British study found their study abroad graduates out-earned their peers by 17%. This equates to approximately $7,000 annually for U.S. students and £3,120 for UK students. Maintaining this earning advantage translates to earning an extra $567,500 over one's career in the U.S.*


of study abroad alumni who applied got into their 1st or 2nd choice graduate school.*


of study abroad alumni felt their studies abroad helped them build valuable skills for the job market. A second study confirms this at 85%.*


of study abroad students reported that study abroad allowed them to better adapt to diverse work environments.*


of study abroad alumni claimed that, because of study abroad, they were more satisfied with their jobs.*


of employers said study abroad would be valuable in an individual’s career later on with their organization.*


of study abroad alumni claimed that study abroad helped them choose their career field.*


lower unemployment rates were found among study abroad alumni according to a British study.*


A British study found the greatest increases in salary earnings among study abroad alumni (compared to their peers) were among seven majors: sociology, computer science, theology and religious studies, electronic and electrical engineering, and physical geographical sciences. *

*Statistics compiled by University of California, Merced 

Ready to study abroad? Take a look at and get going on your journey today!

20 March 2017

Finding the Right Study Abroad for Me #HogsAbroad #MotivationMonday

Seize the opportunity to explore learning inside and outside of the classroom – collect soil samples in the South American rainforest, work in a Belizean health clinic, navigate the tube in London, trace Darwin’s footsteps across the Galapagos, fight the windmills in La Mancha that made Don Quixote infamous, excavate ancient Roman cities, or walk mile after mile on the Great Wall of China!

Study Abroad Program Models


There are two basic program types available for students to use: University of Arkansas administered programs and external provider programs. Below is a breakdown of student options:


U of A Rome Center

Founded as a center for architectural studies in 1989, the Rome Center now serves the full University of Arkansas community, offering a varied curriculum in U of A classes.  Read more....


U of A Faculty-Led Programs

Directed by U of A faculty who travel with students, these short-term programs offer experiences that help to make study abroad more possible logistically and financially for more students. Read more....


U of A Exchange Programs

U of A students exchange places with a student from one of our partner universities in Europe, Asia and Australia for a summer, semester or a year while paying U of A tuition, making these programs a very affordable way to go abroad. Read more....


Internships, Research and Independent Study Opportunities

U of A students work in close cooperation with faculty willing to supervise and assess their work for academic credit to offer hands-on immersive experiences in businesses, labs, and research institutions around the world. Read more....

19 March 2017

A First Time for Everything #HogsAbroad in Greece

Freshman year of college is a time for a lot of firsts in the lives of many 18- and 19-year-olds as they venture to the University of Arkansas from their respective homes. It is a grand adventure they have chosen to pursue and a grand adventure is what they will get—late nights full of studying, new friends from across the state or even from another country and new experiences every day.

With new opportunities knocking on the doors of all college students, answering that figurative door can be intimidating for those new to the scene - especially when an opportunity asks you to jump to a new country and culture across the ocean from home. For sophomore Kylee Sigmon, the choice to answer the door and pursue the chance to study abroad was a no-brainer.

Originally from Berryville, Ark., Sigmon is a double major in agricultural business and agricultural communications. During her freshman year, Sigmon became interested in the international programs offered by the Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences International Programs Office (IPO), thanks to guest speakers in her orientation classes.

When she applied for the Food, Agriculture and Sustainability in Greece program, Sigmon admits to feeling a bit nervous.

“I think any student will be a little nervous their first time studying abroad,” said Sigmon. “I knew I would be in great, capable hands once in the country, so that settled the majority of nerves I had leading up to the trip.”

With her head held high, Sigmon pushed forward and put her energy into finding funding.

“One of the biggest things I learned through my experience is that the funding is there,” said Sigmon. “There are many other ways to fund study abroad trips. The student just has to be self-starting and motivated enough to execute what works best for them.”

Once abroad, Sigmon was able to capitalize on the opportunity to learn more about sustainability in agriculture as well as history. Not only was she able to see first-hand how agriculture was practiced in Greece, but she was also able to see ancient ruins as well as significant religious and cultural sites.

The time abroad gave Sigmon perspective for when she came home to the United States.

“I returned home with a strong appreciation of being an American,” said Sigmon. “I had never taken a moment to realize how developed our agricultural practices are.”

Returning to campus after studying abroad provided new opportunities for Sigmon to step up as a sophomore and serve others within her college.

“I have been able to serve as an IPO mentor this year and encourage others to take part in an international experience,” said Sigmon. “If my story and experience can convince just one person to apply for a program, I would feel satisfied.”
For information about Bumpers College international program opportunities, visit the Bumpers international site. Bumpers College offers faculty-led programs to Belgium, England, London, China and Mozambique; courses and exchanges in France and Austria; internships in Greece and Scotland; and research in Brazil, the Philippines and Greece

17 March 2017

Thousands of Miles & Earning an Education #HogsAbroad in Mozambique

People do not always think about the impact a new culture can have on them. In 30 days, your life can change forever. Kelsey Johnson, a Pre-Professional Animal Science major, is an example of what 30 days in a different country can do for your life. In the summer of 2016, Johnson decided to join the Community Development Program in Mozambique.

Johnson became inspired by the Mozambique program after attending a study abroad fair in the Union. She then had a meeting with one of the leads for the program, Dr. Lanier Nalley. Johnson stated, “By the time I walked out, I was convinced and set on going to Mozambique!”

Her project was to perform an experiment in Nampula, Mozambique on a poultry farm called New Horizons.

“I invested an immense amount of time and effort to ensure that my project was successful and benefited the New Horizons business as well as the lives of the Mozambican people,” said Johnson.

Chick mortality rate is the issue she was facing in her experiment and is one that has plagued the poultry industry in Mozambique.

“My experiment involved aiding in the problem of chick dehydration during transport,” said Johnson. “My plan was to help cut down the mortality rate of the chicks in the first seven days. I created a concentrated gelatin product that I used to help hydrate the chicks on their way to the out grower farms.”

She prepared for this experiment before she ever arrived in Mozambique. Her hard work and dedication led to a successful project.

“Before I arrived in Mozambique, I ran a trial run of my experiment to discover what the best concentration of gelatin would be to use on the farm,” said Johnson.

While in country she ran into a few problems with the gelatin she created, but with a little perseverance and patience, she was able to overcome the obstacles. Some of the obstacles she faced was the concentration she created melted too quickly in the heat, and the way she was going to administer the gelatin proved to be too difficult.

“I had to recreate a more concentrated gelatin product and reconstruct the way I fed the gelatin to the chicks. Having to overcome these obstacles taught me problem skills that I could never have learned in a classroom.”

She used this experience to reflect on an aspect of her life that allowed her to grow and change in a positive way.

“As a student I have always worked hard to ensure I made excellent grades, but many times I think I was just yearning for an A rather than actually paying attention to what I was learning,” said Johnson. “After seeing the kind people of Mozambique, who would love to get the chance to go to college, I now have a greater appreciation for my education and way of life. Now I plan on working even harder to understand and apply what I learn in the classroom to my life. I also have a much more positive outlook and will complain less because the people of Mozambique are always smiling and so should I!”

This experience shined a light on a new future for Johnson and gave her affirmation that she is on the right path.

“My international experience solidified my thoughts about continuing to veterinary school after my first four years of college,” said Johnson. “I want to work hard and learn as much as I can so that I can go back to Africa one day and help the people there with the advanced skills I will learn. I’ve also decided that I might minor in poultry science so that I can go back to New Horizons and continue to help them in the future.”

The work she completed in Mozambique inspired Johnson to change; she advocates for this change when speaking to other students about committing to an international experience.

“There is no better way to gain academic skills than abroad because they can be actively applied in a real-life setting,” said Johnson. “It is truly a unique experience that allows students to grow personally as well because the environment is so drastically different compared to the United States.”

To find out more about the faculty-led Community Development in Mozambique summer program, visit

 For information about Bumpers College international program opportunities, visit the Bumpers international site. Bumpers College offers faculty-led programs to Belgium, England, London, China and Mozambique; courses and exchanges in France and Austria; internships in Greece and Scotland; and research in Brazil, the Philippines and Greece. 

#HogsAbroad Frequent Flyer

Spring Break Office Hours
We will be open Monday through Thursday from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM during the week of Spring Break. The University of Arkansas will be closed on Friday, March 24.

Additionally, Walk-In Wednesday is canceled for Wednesday, March 22, and Hogs Abroad 101 sessions for Tuesday, March 21 and Wednesday, March 22 are canceled.

To Do
Apply for Your Passport:
If you haven’t already done so, now is a great time to locate your birth certificate and submit a passport application. You can find instructions on how to apply using the following link: And, be sure to log in to your Hogs Abroad Portal to upload your passport information to your application!

There are many upcoming scholarship deadlines. Now is a great time to complete your application! Take a look at the list below, and check out for more scholarship opportunities.

Go Overseas & Education in Ireland Full-Tuition Scholarship
Application Deadline: March 17, 2017
Go Overseas has partnered with Education in Ireland to give away 26 scholarships worth more than $290,000 in tuition for semester or full year study abroad programs throughout Ireland for US students. For the application and more information, go to

Hispanic Scholarship Fund
Application Deadline: March 30, 2017
The HSF Scholarship offers merit-based awards ranging from $500-$5,000, for students with Hispanic heritage, and at least a 2.5 GPA. Emphasis on STEM majors. For the application and more information, go to

Freeman – ASIA Scholarship
Application Deadline for Fall/Academic Year 2017: April 4, 2017
Freeman Awards for Study in Asia (Freeman-ASIA) provides scholarships for U.S. undergraduate students with demonstrated financial need to study abroad in East or Southeast Asia. For the application and more information, go to

Diversity Abroad: Diversity Network Summer Scholarship
Application Deadline: April 7, 2016
The Diversity Abroad Network “Diversity Network” will offer summer scholarships in the amount of $1,000 for full-time undergraduate students attending Diversity Network Member Schools such as the U of A. For the application and more information, go to

Bridging Japan Scholarship
Application Deadline: April 11, 2017
The Bridging Project offers scholarships to US undergraduate students in study-abroad programs in Japan for a semester or academic year. For the application and more information, go to

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Have a wonderful and safe Spring Break! We look forward to helping you go abroad!