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27 June 2017

Finding Natural Remedies #HogsAbroad in Sweden #TravelTuesday

Hello, my name is Austin Bareis, I am pursuing a bachelor of science degree in Biology. Last year, I participated in faculty study abroad program to Belize to study Coastal Biology. This year I went on a faculty abroad trip to Sweden to study Healthcare. I am going to describe one of my most favorite experiences while studying abroad in Sweden.

We went on a hiking trip with students from the Jonkoping University in Sweden and here are a few pictures from that. We took pictures with a Lone Star Hog flag to show our razorback pride. We were able to experience the beautiful landscape of Sweden and I enjoyed every part of the trip. 

In Sweden, there is a law called Allemansratten that states everyone can go on any piece of land without permission from the landowner. It puts a strong emphasis on not damaging growing trees, walking through crops, and taking birds eggs or nests. We went through rural parts of Sweden and it was a wonderful experience as we got to see the beautiful landscape of the country.

Celebrating its 11th year in 2017, Health Teams Abroad-Sweden provides comparative information and learning activities from the perspectives of health professions involved in higher education, clinical service delivery, and/or research in the US and Sweden. It emphasizes critical thinking about the ways in which societal values, policies and the practices of each country impacts the provision of health related services. Students are exposed to the need for research evidence across health careers as a basis for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of common and chronic diseases.

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