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08 June 2018

An Unforgettable Experience #HogsAbroad in Brazil

The study abroad trip with Adriana to Brazil was AMAZING! Though this trip wasn’t the first study abroad program I tried to apply for, I do not regret going on this unforgettable experience! We toured so many places such as Christ the Redeemer and the Municipal Palace that just took your breath away. This is one place where you would want a local like Adriana to help you navigate the area. Besides tours, you will get so many opportunities to enjoy the beach as well as do some fun activities such as ride buggies while you are here! You will also see some of the best restaurants Adriana has grown up liking in this study abroad trip. 

Your grades consist of participation, a group project, an exam, and an essay. Participation will be based on attending speakers and company visits and asking questions. In Brazil, they will talk over one another and gladly want you to interrupt them to ask questions because they are interested in their topics of discussions. My favorite speaker was Marcello Mello as he discussed with us the current depression that Brazil is in as well as telling us how reforming the government is how will get out of the depression. My favorite company visit was Coca-Cola as I liked seeing the similarities and differences between this company in Brazil as well as the U.S. They were very informative talking about the logistics and supply chain their company uses. The group project is a presentation that focuses on events or cultural differences in Brazil. Adriana also looks to incorporate as many majors as she can besides supply chain. We attended a bank that focused on finance, and we attended a speaker that focuses on Tax!

Overall, I would love to have the opportunity to study abroad in the future again! I learned so much in three weeks in Brazil, and I love applying real world issues in a classroom setting. I am an advocate for those studying abroad! I made twelve new friends through the study abroad trip and I would love to connect with each and every one of them whenever the next school year begins! Everyone should consider taking a study abroad trip before they graduate from the U of A, and I will gladly recommend and talk to anyone interested in Brazil with Adriana! No doubt, I would study abroad again if I am permitted too!

Accounting major Jacob Bunyard spent the summer 2018 in Brazil with our U of A Faculty-Led: International Business Seminar in Brazil.

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