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28 June 2022

Interprofessional Healthcare #HogsAbroad in Ireland

Hello! My name is McKinley Kasberg and I am a Social Work major and I got to go to Ireland on a Faculty-Led trip that emphasized the interprofessional nature of Social Sciences and Health. The study abroad was only about seventeen days, so I made sure to make the most out of every moment! The trip was an absolute blast. I was one of two social work majors on the trip, so I got to spend a lot of time learning from the health students. I was so inspired by their passion for healthcare, and even during casual lunch conversations, I was always learning.
On to the interesting! Ireland is a beautiful country. Though not everyone loves the rain, I absolutely love it. Most days we had pleasant weather with highs in the 60s. Some days there was light rain, so a rain jacket was necessary. I am the type of girl who loves an overcast sky because it is perfect to go coffee shop hopping, which I did a few times. I have to say, the lattes in Ireland are better! We ate at lots of pubs. My favorite meals were pot roast with potatoes, Irish stew, and anything involving lamb. The Irish LOVE their potatoes. Thankfully, I do as well.
We had lots of fun excursions in Ireland! The highlights for me would be the Cliffs of Moher (SO beautiful), hiking in a small town called Howth, and having dinner inside Bunratty Castle. The Cliffs of Moher really cannot be described in words. We went on a beautiful sunny day and hiked, ate lunch, and bought souvenirs. This destination is not overrated! At Bunratty castle we went to a dinner theater of sorts and ate a four-course meal...with our hands! The entertainment was delightful, and it really brought our group together. Howth was one of my favorite places. It is a tourist town, but with sweet little places to eat, delicious ice cream, and beautiful views.
The educational aspects of our trip were the real highlight for me. We went to lots of service agencies, which is right up my alley as a social work major! I loved Carebright, a facility which homes people with dementia. The model this care facility uses was specially designed: each resident is placed in a home with a kitchen, living room, and traditional bedrooms. Residents are also given the opportunity to participate in activities such as cooking and making tea. The nurses at the health center emphasized that small risks, such as allowing a dementia patient around ovens and kettles, are worth it so they can enjoy a higher quality of life.

Another awesome opportunity we had was service-learning days. In Galway, we were placed with professionals in our field and went to their place of work for a day and talked about what they do for their jobs. The other social work student, Nancy, and I were placed with two awesome social workers who work for a division under the health services called the Adult Safeguarding Services. We had a fun day chatting with them about their jobs. They offered us tea and made us feel so welcome. We even got to talk to a Master of Social Work Student about what it is like to get a social work degree in Ireland! It was such a valuable experience to connect with other social workers and compare our systems.

Ireland was so much fun. I had an amazing time getting to know everyone and I could not have survived without sweet friends and our awesome professors. I grew so much professionally and personally. I would recommend study abroad to anyone and everyone!

Social Work major McKinley Kasberg spent the Summer 2022 term on the Social Sciences and Health Professions in Ireland program with support from the 
Office of Study Abroad Scholarship

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24 June 2022

Westminster Abbey (Hey that’s me!) #HogsAbroad in England

Westminster Abbey was consecrated and finished in 1269. This Abbey holds over 3,000 dead, around 30 of which were kings and queens. There are several wings inside that include one for scientists, poets, actors, the Royal Tombs, and most famously, the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior.

One memorial in the Poets Corner that stood out and that I was excited to see was that of William Shakespeare. Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-Avon in 1564 on April 23rd, this is also believed to be the day he died 52 years later. When he was 18, he married 26-year-old Anne Hathaway (no not that one). Together they had three children, Susanna, Hamnet, and Judith.  While we do not have an exact date, it is believed Shakespeare came to London in the late 1580’s to the early 1590’s. His first works were ‘Venus and Adonis’ and ‘The rape of Lucrece’, both of which were published and printed. He then became a member of The Lord Chamberlains Men until his death in 1616. His total number of works is 38 plays, 154 sonnets, and other poetry. Shakespeare died in his home in Stratford-upon-Avon and is buried at the Holy Trinity.

Another plaque that I found interesting was one commemorating ¾ of the Bronte sisters. This plaque has the names of Charlotte, Emily Jane, and Anne. Pseudonyms Currer Bell, Ellis Bell, and Acton Bell. Emily only produced one solo novel in her life which was Wuthering Heights. Emily was only 29 when the book came out and dies a year later when she was only 30. Charlotte, Emily, and Anne had a collection of poems released called Poems by Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell in 1846.Charlotte published around four novels, most famously Jane Eyre in 1847. Anne only had two solo novels including Agnes Grey and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall.


Theatre major Abby Hogan spent the Summer 2022 term on the Theatre in London program with support from the Office of Study Abroad Scholarship. Read more from Abby here

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23 June 2022

Tips to Prepare for Study Abroad #HogsAbroad in Ireland

Hi! My name is Fareed Farah. I’m a College of health education and professions student who is studying Exercise Science with a pre med concentration. This past month, I participated in the Social Science and Health promotion study abroad program in Ireland!

This was my first time studying abroad and also my first time ever stepping foot in Europe. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. In this Blog, I’m going to touch on some things I wish I knew before studying abroad and what I did to prepare for this trip. 

As the date of the departure came closer, I made sure to prepare myself overall starting out with my job. I did let them know a month before my trip of the dates I would be leaving. This ensures professionalism and trust between you and the employer. 

As the days kept coming closer to the trip, I made sure I had a proper suitcase ready, and if I needed any online shopping I would do it. I would recommend buying a plug adapter if you are going anywhere in Europe or Asia, but don’t worry if you forgot as they tend to be way cheaper in foreign countries. 

When it comes to what to bring with you, necessities like a toothbrush, facial care, deodorant, electronic devices, etc… varies from person to person. Make sure to not bring any liquids as the airport won’t allow them through. Also make sure you get a mini size of those necessities. 

When it comes to clothes, don’t try to pack too much, I promise you’ll be fine. Leave extra room in that suitcase because it will be very tempting to go shopping. I regretted that I packed too much clothes because I ended up buying another suitcase in Ireland just to fit in all the shopping I did. Not recommended. 

Plus if you can get an international phone plan, DO IT. It’s definitely worth the money because WIFI is not provided everywhere and it’s a good way to stay in touch with your peers and family 24/7. You can find affordable plans with good research depending on your phone service company. 

These were all my tips for what to prepare before leaving to study abroad. One last thing I would advise the student travelling abroad, is to be extra cautious but also curious. Curiosity is what will make your experience from good to incredible. Don’t be afraid to try new things, meet new people and make friends with everyone. 

Good Luck!

Exercise Science major Fareed Farah Summer 2022 term on the Social Sciences and Health Professions in Ireland program with support from the 
Office of Study Abroad Scholarship.

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21 June 2022

The City of Bath and The Fallen Cone #HogsAbroad in England

The original Roman Baths are as old as the 1st century and the most recent construction was completed in 1897.  The Baths were an extremely important part of the socialization of people as well as the higher-up important political figures. These Baths were where everyone came, and it was everyone’s temple in a way.

The Baths now have ancient and modern aspects to it in the interior. There is a section while walking through where one can be surrounded by the ancient temple and smell the sulfur in the building. Some of the statues surrounding the upper part of the structure are still intact and look similar to what they may have in the past. Others, on the other hand, have been so severely eroded away, that the faces are not there at all.

The city of Bath was officially made a city in 1590 after being given a charter by Queen Elizabeth the I. This city was everything that I was hoping it would be and so so much more. Or day started very early with a train ride to Bath. While on the train we got to see some of the smaller cities as well as little parts of the country. When we got there we got to explore a little and found the cutest bookshop I have seen thus far. We then toured the Roman Baths then were given the day. A few of us went to find lunch and discovered a nice restaurant not too far from what I perceived as the town’s square.

Afterward, we wandered around the quaint streets and found our way back to the bookstore and square. Dru and I went and got ice cream and mere moments after sitting, tragedy struck. Just as I was about to take a second lick of the oh so delicious ice cream, the entire thing fell to the ground, cone still in hand. One by one, pigeons slowly started surrounding us, eating my delicious ice cream off the ground. Thankfully the day was not yet lost, there was a chocolatier right across from where we were. I marched my way over and got strawberries covered in melted chocolate and whipped cream. This cup of the most delicious juicy strawberries saved the day.


Theatre major Abby Hogan spent the Summer 2022 term on the Theatre in London program with support from the Office of Study Abroad Scholarship. Read more from Abby here

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20 June 2022

Travel Tips While Abroad #HogsAbroad in Rome

Traveling abroad can be a scary, confusing challenge for first-time international travelers and even seasoned travelers. The best way to face this challenge is to always keep an open and flexible mind, be prepared with available resources and take a deep breath! Listed below are different applications, tips and tricks to help you navigate your travels abroad with ease. Also, it's important to note that not everything may go according to plan each time while traveling, but that's OK; stay flexible and keep on keeping on!

Booking Flights  

Booking flights or airline travel can be a tad confusing especially given the number of airlines and different booking websites available in today's digital age. I've found that Skyscanner is a great online website to search for flights to your desired destination and oftentimes shows the cheapest route! This service can also be tailored to find the fastest options, no layover and more when thinking of airline travel. Once you find a great option, I would always recommend visiting the airline's official website and enter the details of the flight you found to ensure you've found a reliable option. Then you should book from the official airline site to prevent any chance of getting scammed, which can occasionally happen when booking directly from third-party sites. 


Transportation while living in another country is one of the key details to understand when trying to navigate to and from your desired destinations. The easiest and most reliable way that I've found to navigate is by using applications like Moovit, which can be downloaded from the Apple and Android store. This application lets you set your current location for the most up to date and reliable transport methods. You input your starting location or actual location and then simply your destination. The app will provide multiple ways for you to reach your desired location based on the forms of public transportation available to you. It provides live time schedules of many buses and trains to ensure you are aware of when you need to leave. It can also be used to navigate transportation on foot. I have used this application while in South America and during my time here in Italy currently and it has been a tremendous help in navigating the cities. However, when in doubt and if you're confused, never be afraid to ask for help! The locals are usually very friendly no matter where you travel in the world and they're the best source of information for questions like this and perhaps a local favorite for dinner!

Be Aware 

When traveling abroad, you should always be aware of your surroundings. A busy bus, crowd of people waiting to hop on the train, or even the local pub can all be places where pickpockets or thieves may try to target tourists. If you have a small bag or purse, you should always try to have it across your chest when in crowded places or on public transportation so one does not try to steal from you. For guys specifically, it is often that their wallet or other items are taken from their back pocket. Therefore, you should try to keep these items in your front pockets. This is not meant to scare you or serve as a barrier to you traveling abroad and experiencing many amazing cultures and destinations. It is simply a reminder to be aware of what is happening around you and where your important items are while traveling abroad. Being aware can also help you find the hidden restaurants and local favorites as you explore new places!

Cheap Accommodations

Depending on your preferences, hostels or Airbnb's may be great, cheaper alternatives to staying in hotels on your international travels. Airbnb's offer different lodging options and the ability to book in advance with secure hosts. Many of these lodging options also come at a fraction of the price of most hotels specifically designed with tourists in mind. If you are more interested in an exciting atmosphere and meeting fellow travelers, a hostel may be more suitable for you. Hostels are typically shared living spaces and come at usually very cheap rates compared to hotels and even Airbnb's. This lodging option is a fantastic way to meet other travelers from around the world. Hostels can vary from having co-ed shared rooms, gender specific or even private rooms. Many hostels even have their own restaurants inside or offer free meal options during your stay. In order to make sure you find the hostel that best fits your interests, be sure to look on the Hostelworld application or online website. 

Chaz Robinson completed an Internship in Italy for his master's degree in Higher Education during the Summer 2022 at the U of A Rome Centerwith support from the 
Office of Study Abroad Scholarship.

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17 June 2022

Enjoying the Scenery #HogsAbroad in Rome

Hello! My name is Hunter Waters. I am a Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design student. My major is Landscape Architecture and will be an official senior this fall. This summer I studied abroad in Rome for 10 weeks!

My professor, classmates, and I recently returned to Rome from a trip to Florence. My favorite part of the trip was being able to walk all the way to the top of the Duomo (463 stair steps)! It was a great workout. Here we were able to overlook the entire city of Florence which gave me the ability to see how the city was planned throughout history, including the arrangement of streets, buildings, plazas, etc. This photo shows me enjoying the scenery. 

Landscape Architecture major Hunter waters spent the Summer 2022 term in at the U of A Rome Center 
with support from the Office of Study Abroad Scholarship.

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