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04 November 2016

Kallmünz: one of Germany's Hidden Treasures #HogsAbroad in Germany

The castle of Kallmünz. (above)14595710_10154494155839336_6252778349406405352_n
Myself finding it hard to not smile whilst on the Castle balcony (which was roped off!) (above)14721468_10154494155364336_2325663914800266794_n
The narrow streets of Germany never seize to exist. (above)14731209_10154494162854336_6213465760424749525_n
View of the city from the Castle. (above)14681701_10154494168129336_4313412480365554094_n
We, myself along with my two friends, Mattias and Elena (pictured above), set out on a journey to enjoy some of Germany’s hidden treasures. The town of Kallmünz happens to be one of them. It sits alongside the river, buildings riding along its curves, with a constant coolness billowing up from the water. Overlooking the entire town is a castle, or what is left of one, as you can see above! Walking around these ruins, touching the walls, enjoying the views…it really makes you feel like King/Queen of the World. The entirety of our trip we were accompanied by a local boy, Oliver, who showed us around the town he played in as a child. Not only that, but he took us to his home afterwards to let us warm up from the cold! If you guys ever get a chance to visit Kallmünz, do it. You wouldn’t be disappointed.
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